How to Run a Net Sheet for Your Home!

How much cash will your walk away with if you sell your house?

I am going to show you how to calculate your “net” amount from your home sale. With just a few quick steps, you can estimate how much cash you will walk away with if you sell your home. Follow these instructions to run a net sheet on your home today.

Head on over to and click sign-up in the top right-hand corner.

Enter an email address and password. You will need to select the “Klamath Falls OR” branch. Select “Homebuyer/Seller/Other” on the bottom options. Leave “company” blank and select any agent from the drop down list. Click submit. On the next page, take note of your credentials and then click “access account.”

Next you will want to click on “Tools” on the menu bar, scroll down to “Calculator Tools” and then click on “Net Sheets and Estimates”

If you are not sure how much your property is worth… click here and get an instant estimate!

Fill out the property address, your expected sales price, an estimated closing date, as well as the rest of the information if you have it available. If you don’t know your tax amount, check out my other useful tools to find your property data online.

Fill out the info to the best of your knowledge and click calculate.

If you don’t know property tax information, it should automatically populate after you add the address. If it doesn’t you can look up property tax data under “useful tools” on our website.

HOA information, tax information and other data can be found on the MLS data sheet that your agent provides you, or if you search the IDX search on this site, you should be able to pull all the MLS data for a listing. You can also ask you agent for this info! The more accurate the info you provide, the more accurate your quote will be.

See the example below:

Please note that this is only an estimate of your net amount and can vary depending on fees and payoff amounts.

If you need you agent to help you with this estimate, feel free to reach out! Understanding closing costs and net amounts can be tricky and intimidating. Having the tools to understand what is expected at closing can ease a lot of stress during the buying or selling process.