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See the yearly market statistics for Klamath County in 2021 Klamath County experienced continued growth in the sellers market with a nearly 20% increase in the average sale price of homes sold in Klamath County. Homes sold for $45,000 more on average in 2021 than the previous year. The time that homes sat on the…

December Market Statistics

Strong market conditions continue through the start of 2022 in Klamath County. Low inventory, high home values, and low time on the market indicates that we are still in a strong sellers market.

November Market Report

We are starting to see the market soften as we enter the slow season for the year. Fewer listings, fewer homes sold, and longer days on the market indicate that the market is slowing. This is to be expected as we head into the holiday season until the market picks back up in the spring.…

Amber Owings Teams With Tom Hestmark

Amber Owings and Tom Hestmark of Mortgage Express have teamed together to bring you the partnership you will need during the home-buying process. If you’re a first time home buyer, or you’ve done this all before, you’ll be glad to have an experienced team of professionals that work together to make things happen. Are you…


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