See the yearly market statistics for Klamath County in 2021

Klamath County experienced continued growth in the sellers market with a nearly 20% increase in the average sale price of homes sold in Klamath County. Homes sold for $45,000 more on average in 2021 than the previous year.

The time that homes sat on the market before going under contract was split in half. Homes sold in 2020 sat on the market for an average of 69 days last year, but this year the buying frenzy led to short market times for sellers. 35 days on the market was the average overall for 2021, but April saw the shortest time on the market, at just 20 days. Time on the market has increased slowly and steadily since April.

The number of homes sold and new listings was fairly comparable to the previous year, but still saw an increase over the data for 2020. A total of 1328 homes were sold this year, a 3.5% increase over 2020, which saw 1283 total sales for residential homes. This indicates just a slight increase in housing volumes, with sales volumes increasing slightly as well.

We begin 2022 with high home values and short marketability periods. This is indicative of the strong sellers market that we have been experiencing since the pandemic caused a drop in interest rates and consumer behaviors were drastically rattled during the shut-downs.

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